Watch the Manchester United and Arsenal match broadcast live 2/12/2021 English Premier League

The English club, Manchester United, meets its counterpart Arsenal, in the fourteenth week of the competition, and both sides enter with their eyes on the three points, especially Manchester United, who has been suffering since the beginning of the season. Man United won titles, but the coach did not provide strong levels that make the players present strong levels, and there is a decline starting from the fifth round, and Man United is moving away from the top of the league, and Man City, Liverpool, Champions League champion Chelsea and many other teams are competing for it. The other one occupies the fifth place and presents very strong levels.

And in the recent period, I witnessed a lot of rumors about the Uruguayan player Edinson Cavani and that he is close to moving after the expiration of his contract with the English club Manchester United and will expire next summer and he has the right to sign with any club and there is a great desire from the player to join Barcelona during the coming period, Therefore, there is a lot of confusion in the team, and everyone wants to see all the details of the players that will leave in the coming period, and the most prominent departed who refuses to renew their contracts with the club is Paul Pogba.

The English Arsenal is close to obtaining the services of the player Dusan Vlahovic, due to the effectiveness of the attack in the team, and everyone wants to obtain the services of the player, and Arsenal is the only one accused of the player’s services in the current period, after Juventus is far from contracting with the player, and there are many reports that confirm the player’s arrival during The transfer period and there is an agreement between the club and the player to be present in the club from the next period, as announced by many English and Italian reports.

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